Passionate about trading and code

Forex trading supported by robots is the tool of the future. We make Bots – Expert Advisors – for automatic trading in metatrader 4 and 5. Utilities and graphic panels for manual trading. Custom connections to telegram and more … Human and machine united to achieve your goals. Make a lot more money with the help of our tools!

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Pattern Finder EA

Professional trading panel. Track 60 currency pairs. Looking for the "engolfing" and "stars" patterns.
Economic calendar news alerts.
Telegram sending open operations or alerts...

Trailing Stop Orders EA

A Panel to find the best Entrys. Move pending "stop orders". Calculate the lotation based on account percent or fixed lot. Make "Trailing Stop loss" keeping a fixed distance to the price...

Position Manager EA

Panel to manage the positions entered manually. Take partial profits when a certain pattern occurs. Real-time earnings on the dashboard. Trailing stops "candle to candle"...

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